4 Main Steps To Take When Conducting An Interview

While facing an interview can be a daunting task and one which most of us have experienced at least once in our lifetime, the process of interviewing too can be an extremely tedious and time consuming task. It is very likely that the more prepared and consistent the interviewer is in conducting the interview, the higher chance he has in selecting the best candidate for the required job position. Read on for some simple yet effective ways to conduct a successful interview.

Initial preparation

Preparation is the key to a meaningful and successful interview as this will ensure that the quality of the questions been asked are purposeful and concise and will also ensure the company and the interviewer’s professionalism. Keep in mind that more or less you too are being interviewed by the candidate as much as you are interviewing them. It is best to keep an open mind on the candidate after reading his or her resume. More importantly, review the information of the skills and responsibilities of the vacancy; make sure to anticipate questions such as pay scale, company goals, and supervisors and so on.

Decide on the type of interview you want to conduct

There are many different types of interviews and many of these styles take a different approach on the type of questions. Some of these methods are behavioral, audition, stress approaches and so on. Although, candidates can hire various resume writing service in Australia to write their resumes, when facing tough interviews, even the best candidates can falter. Therefore, try to gauge the extent of the position been applied for and the overall consensus of the interview pool before you decide on the style you take to interview.

Type of candidate

Prior to deciding on specific interview questions, take some time to contemplate on what type of candidate will fit for the position. Having a rough picture in your mind will make it easier to select from a pool of candidates. For example; does the job position require the candidate to be brutally efficient and result oriented? Or can he or she be a more method oriented, organized and concise person by nature?

Developing the questions

The main objective of developing the right questions can begin after the initial preparation for the interview above is completed. Questions should ideally allow you to find out the interviewee’s personality, history, motivation and problem solving ability amongst others. You can ask open ended questions starting with “how” and “why” to get a detailed and in depth answer to the questions.

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